Construction layout

Gresham Planning & Development, Inc. has the expertise to handle all of your construction and layout needs. Construction staking often includes all or part of the site development properties. We have the experience to layout residential, commercial and industrial sites. Our crews have the experience to lay out demolition limits, clearing limits, soil erosion and sediment control, tree preservation, site grading cut/fill, storm drains, sanitary sewer lines and manholes, water and other utility locations, curb and gutter and parking lots, building construction aspects, storm detention facilities, and all general aspects of the construction site. Our commitment to quality and service will provide effective communication and scheduling to assure that no delays are incurred in the site development process. We will go the extra step to communicate what our stakes represent so that no misinterpretation will occur on site. Our typical approach is to use total stations and radial staking with a combination of automatic leveling for offset staking, baselines, and station/offset systems. We take personal pride in having stakes for your project exactly when needed. Through our knowledge of construction practices, we strive to only stake what is needed at the time specified. We understand that some aspects of a staking project cannot be completed until the previously staked construction phase is completed. In order for us to make this work go seamlessly, we will and do consult with site superintendents and project managers to help eliminate any unnecessary field work that can be costly to owners and contractors.

Commercial site plans

Site plans are almost always required for commercial construction. The requirements will vary widely depending on the county or city. Gresham Planning & Development, Inc. has been the planner for over 100 sites throughout north Georgia. Our founder, Bill Gresham, has been involved in the construction trade for most of his life and currently holds a valid Georgia Residential and Light Commercial Contractor’s License. Bill also holds a current certification as a Level II Design Professional with the Georgia State Water Conservation Commission. This is necessary to prepare three phase Erosion and Sediment Control Plans as part of your site plan package. Therefore, we can help with your commercial construction needs from start to finish.

As built surveys and documents

Often, our clients will be in need of As-Built site plans, foundation location surveys, plan and profile of sanitary sewer and storm drainage systems. We are also able to provide detention pond topography and volume calculations, as well as creek/stream topography with cross sections for flood studies and/or mitigation purposes.